Diango - Good Framework For Fast Building Websites

Diango - Good Framework For Fast Building Websites

Overview of Django

Django is a high-level Python framework that fosters speedy and clean software development and practical design. Built by experienced programmers, Django focuses heavily on Web development issues, you can develop your website without building from the basics. Especially it’s free and open source.

Django advantages:

Completion: Django is based on the idea of ​​”Batteries included” (can understand the meaning of fully integrated, just call out and use). It provides everything for developers without the need to think of external ones. We just need to focus on the product, it all works seamlessly together.

Versatile: Django can be used to build almost any type of website, from content management systems, to social networking sites or news websites. It can work with client-side frameworks, and converts content in almost any format (HTML, RESS, JSON, XML, etc.)

Security: Django helps developers to fix common security flaws by providing a framework that has “must do” techniques to protect the website. For example, Django provides security for managing usernames and passwords, avoiding basic errors like putting session information on cookies, encrypting passwords instead of saving straight.

Ease of Scale: Django uses shared-nothing architecture based on components (each part of the architecture will be independent of each other, and can be replaced or modified if necessary). Having a clear separation between parts means it can scale for increasing traffic by adding hardware at each level: caching, servers, database servers, or application servers. Many business web sites have been successful when Django is scaled to meet their needs

Easy to maintain: Django code is written according to design principles and patterns can encourage the idea of ​​code maintenance and reuse. In fact, its adherence to the concept of Don’t Repeat Yourself makes no unnecessary repetition, reducing the amount of code.

Flexibility: Django is written in Python, it can run cross-platform. It means that you are not tied to a specific platform server. Django is well supported at many hosting providers, who will provide infrastructure and documents specific to Django web hosting.

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Diango - Good Framework For Fast Building Websites

Django is a high-level Python framework that can promote speedy and clean software development and practical design.

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